Vegan Interior Option And Next Gen Premium In-house Seats In Tesla Models

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Being vegan doesn’t stop with just what we cook in the kitchen or serve on our dinning table or even what we buy from the groceries or restaurants. It can goes way beyond that.

Being vegan is not just about food but also about protecting and helping animals and the environment. It is also about making the world a better place to live in. It is also about making the world livable for our kids (if you have any) and all the kids and their future kids.

And it is really fascinating how influential people and companies have moved mountains just to make known to the world that we vegans can actually make a difference. And one such example is Tesla coming up with something for vegans. This option is available for all models which is a very big step for them and a really great news for all vegans.

Check out the whole story below.

Tesla now offers a vegan interior option and next gen premium in-house seats in all its models

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After launching the Model X, Tesla introduced a new seat developed in-house featuring an ‘Ultra White synthetic leather’, which served as a vegan faux-leather option for Tesla buyers. It was only available for the Model X for a limited time, and earlier this year it made its way to the top of the line Model S P100D.

Now it is finally available for all models, and Tesla discontinued all but one option using its original seats.

The seats of the Model X were actually one of the main reasons why the volume production of the vehicle was delayed. CEO Elon Musk wanted to make it a “sculptural work of art” since they are front and center when the Falcon Wing doors are opened.

In what has become a habit for Tesla, the company has in-sourced the design and production of its seats – something fairly rare in the automotive industry, which has a tendency to outsource almost everything but the engines and assembly.

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Musk said in a conference call ahead of the unveiling of the Model X in September 2015:

“We have substantially in-sourced the seats at this point. Tesla is producing its own seats.”

These new ‘Tesla Premium seats’ replace the original version. Here they are side-by-side (original on the left and premium on the right):

During Tesla’s 2015 shareholder meeting, two proposals were brought forward to offer vegan animal-free options for Tesla’s vehicles. Tesla’s board of directors recommended that shareholders vote against the proposals and they were struck down, but the company went ahead with vegan anyway.

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Musk listened to a PETA representative during the meeting and said he would look into the alternatives she was proposing.

After that, Tesla quickly introduced the Ultra White synthetic leather option for the Model X, and now it’s finally available for all trims of the Model S.

Tesla says that they are “durable and stain resistant.”


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