VEGAN 2016 – THE FILM: A Growing Movement Under Attack

A documentary on how the vegan movement has advanced.

How much do you understand about Veganism? Are you new to this or have you been a vegan for quite some time already? Or have you been a vegan since you were born? No matter how long you’ve been a vegan, now is the time to celebrate more as the world is uniting stronger to promote Veganism and shower more love to the environment.

This documentary is just an amazing piece of work to help the world understand why being vegan is important and why we should all shift to having a vegan lifestyle. Not only do they back it up with facts but people who have great influence in our generation today are also taking part in this movement. It just fills my heart with love and appreciation.

So spread the word and start by sharing this video. You’ll be surprised with what you will learn and what you will be able to share with the people around you. Let there be love by going vegan.

Check out the full documentary below.

VEGAN 2016 – THE FILM: A Growing Movement Under Attack