The Truth About Your Food with FOOD, INC. Filmmaker Robert Kenner [VIDEO]

Learn, understand and absorb information about the food we eat everyday with this amazing documentary.

If you are someone who budgets your food money everyday but wants to have a healthy balanced meal, I think you would agree with me when I say it could be a very challenging thing to do. Most of the time, the healthier the ingredient, the more expensive it is compared to having something from a fast food chain.

For people who don’t have enough to spend for good, healthy, butcher-free food, a healthy lifestyle is close to impossible especially with kids around. Kids nowadays, are actually knowledgeable about leading a vegan lifestyle and treating animals equally. So it is not really that difficult introducing them to eating healthily. It’s providing the healthy food that makes it difficult.

This documentary is truly an eye opener as to what is really happening with the food industry and why we spend for junk instead of something healthy. I just love how it explains and actually shows the dilemma regular individuals have with regard to purchasing food. Filmmaker Robert Kenner has dig through this social problem that needs a solution now.

Check out the full video below.

FOOD, INC. Filmmaker Robert Kenner