Little Girl Says NO To Eating Animals [VIDEO]

The biggest heart coming from the smallest of us all.

In this world and generation where technology has made such an impact to the lives of many of us, we often forget about the simple joys in life. Most of us tend to forget that there are bigger things than materials around us. One of those is love for the life of every single living thing on this planet, and that includes animals.

Your heart will definitely help when you watch this video of a very adorable little girl who will never eat animals at all. Upon realizing that meat comes from animals, this very beautiful and kind-hearted child tears up and vows to never eat meat at all. When asked why, the little girl says “Because they are animals and I like animals.”

And when she was also asked how about fish, she answers by asking if it is an animal too. The woman asking who seems to be her mom answers that fish are animals was surprised when the little girls says she won’t eat fish either and forces that she won’t eat animals. She thinks and believes that animals don’t like being cooked in the oven.

This is one of the many reasons why I love being a vegan.

Watch the full video of this amazing little child below.

Little Girl Says NO To Meat