What You Need To Know About Your Food Choices [VIDEO]

Food Choices 2016 Documentary: Exploring the impact that food choices have on the world.

We all know that being vegan has a lot of benefits and the choice we make does not only cover our health but almost everything around us.  Are you aware of the impact of the choices we make every day?

This documentary covers it all. It explores the food choices we make and what its impact is on health of people, health of our planet and lives of every living creature. I love how detailed and very insightful it is.

This shows the benefits of leading a plant-based diet and the many misconceptions about diet in particular. It can give a clearer understanding about why veganism is very important to people who don’t really know the real deal and just think that we just dont want to eat meat.

I have even shared it with several of my non-vegan friends, who also find it very informative and useful. Some of these friends of mine have even started trying having a vegan lifestyle. So watch it below and tell us what you think.

Check out the video below.

 Food Choices 2016 Documentary