The best Vegan Flapjacks recipes on the internet.

I’ve had such a craving for flapjacks lately that I’ve been scouring the internet looking for the best recipes available. Unfortunately, the vast majority are not vegan flapjacks since they use butter, or other animal products. Lucky for you though, I’ve done all the hard work and have compiled a list of the best recipes I could find.

Fair warning: when it comes to flapjacks, there’s two distinct camps. Camp chewy and camp crunchy. And I sit firmly in the chewy camp. The flapjacks have been rated accordingly, so if you prefer them crunchy, you may have a different experience to me! Fear not though, there’s some top-tips at the bottom of the list which should help you add that crunch if that’s your thing!

Anyway, without further delay, listed in order with the best first here are the Internets best vegan flapjack recipes:

1. Beautifully simple vegan flapjacks

Nothing much to add here! Just straight-up, no frills flapjacks with an added touch of lemon and ginger. Delicious.

View the recipe here.

2. Chocolate and Date Flapjack

This is only at number two as I really fancied a plain flapjack. The addition of chocolate and dates is an obvious winner!

View the recipe here.

3. Chocolate covered peanut butter flapjacks

Peanut butter and chocolate, what else is there to say? These ones do take a little longer than the rest to make, so if your time poor, perhaps consider a different option.

View the recipe here

4. Quick & easy vegan flapjacks

Simple, straight forward and delicious! If you’re short on time, consider these as they only take around 20 minutes in total. They are a bit heavy on the sugar though, so if you’re watching you’re weight, maybe put in a little less than the recipe recommends.

View the recipe here.

5. Sugar free banana flapjacks

One for the more health conscious. These have no added sugar, getting their sweetness from the added banana instead. Yummy!

View the recipe here.

6. Fruit and nut flapjacks

View the recipe here.

Which flapjack is the best?

Hopefully one of those caught your eye. Give them a go and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Cooking tips

Thankfully making Flapjacks isn’t too difficult. Sure it takes a little practice, but you can make something tasty on the first go, even if it doesn’t go perfectly. To make things run as smoothly as possible though, here are a few tips:

  • Always heat gently until smooth and syrupy.
  • As you can see from the varied list above, there are many ways to make flapjacks. Once you’re familiar with a recipe, try switching things up. Switch out sugar for fruit, or vegan butter for peanut butter.
  • A touch of ginger adds a beautiful aroma and flavour to flapjacks.
  • If you prefer a crunchier flapjack, try using a shallower tray and turn the cooker up ever so slightly.