Amazing Vegan Donuts Instagram Images That Can Blow Your Mind Away

Donuts that every vegan will want to have.

Donuts are the absolute treat for any occasion. Well, that goes next to cupcakes and ice cream for me. But then, who wouldn’t say no to donuts, right?

I know a lot of people with think that getting a decent donut for vegans can be a bit of a challenge but that isn’t a problem with all the vegan options we have at this day and time. And through my research, it is so fascinating how vegans can be so creative in preparing this all around treat. And I just love the idea of pretty and appetizing they are that even kids will beg you to prepare them as much as possible. Plus they are super healthy so you will not have to worry about the kids eating junk.

These Instagram images of vegan donuts are the best examples of what I mean. And I am sure after you go through them, you will want one of them for yourself.

Check them out below and tell us what your favorite is.

Amazing Vegan Donuts Instagram Images


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Fruit Loopy: You’ll have no problem getting in a whole day’s worth of fruit servings when you do it the donut way. Bring on the next round.


v 004b

Breakfast Oh’s: Yes, this Instababe actually makes her own donut cereal. Grab your biggest breakfast bowl, because those chocolate iced donuts with rainbow sprinkles look to be the bomb.


v 004c

Rainbow Bright: There’s nothing more wonderful than a dense cake donut, unless it’s one that’s frosted in natural fruit flavors. They all look so delicious, it’s hard to choose just one.


v 004d

Jelly Filling: These brightly iced vegan donuts are hiding a sweet surprise. Each roll is jam-packed — literally — with fruity jelly. One bite and you’ll be in jelly-roll heaven.


v 004e

Donut Topper: Overnight oats never tasted so good. This morning mason jar of oats is topped with a vegan donut in magical unicorn colors. The edible flower topper adds a nice touch.


v 004f

Bubblelicious: You may not think bubble gum and donuts go together, but color you wrong. These Bazooka-flavored breakfast treats are as delicious to look at as they are to eat.


v 004g

Matcha, Natch: Nothing goes so well with your matcha latte as a delicious raspberry-iced donut with matcha sprinkles. It’s 100 percent wholesome and 100 percent tasty.


v 004h

Salt & Sweet: Who can resist salted caramel with a heavy drizzle of dark chocolate? Put one aside for tomorrow’s lunchbox and break it out when the four o’clock munchies come calling.


v 004i

Birthday Bash: This donut cake is perfect for a vegan birthday celebration. Get your selfie stick ready, because this one’s guaranteed to bring on the likes.


v 004j

Cookies & Cream: If a donut and a cookie had a baby, it would look like this. Grab a whole dozen, because everyone in the house is going to want one.


v 004k

Peanut Butter Goodness: Two tastes that go great together. Is there anyone in the world immune to the wonders of chocolate and peanut butter? If there is, we haven’t met them.


v 004l

Very Berry: These vibrantly hued donuts are vegan and all natural, and they look just like a little slice of paradise. Take this batch out to your deck or patio and enjoy al fresco, as they were meant to be.


v 004m

Banana Split: If you love Chunky Monkey ice cream, you will adore this vegan donut that’s iced in banana frosting, drizzled in dark chocolate fudge, sprinkled with nuts and topped with a cherry. Grab two forks, because a donut this AH-mazing simply must be shared.


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