VEGAN: Spinach Dip Rolls Appetizer [VIDEO]

An scrumptious vegan appetizer filled with the smoothest filling ever!

v 003bOne of the many tricks you should take note when cooking or when in the kitchen is making sure to use any and all handy item or equipment you could in order to get the best outcome for your dish. This is especially true not only in main dishes but also in appetizers, desserts and snacks.

They are there to make things easier for your in the kitchen. And this recipe is a living example of it. If you want to have a smooth filling for this, you will definitely need a food processor to get the smoothness you want.

This Spinach Dip Rolls are actually a personal favorite and I can have them anytime time of the day, any day of the week. But fret not, if you do not have a food processor, you can always still go manual but just be sure to get the best vegan cream cheese you can find. Try it out and find out why I love this dish so much.

Check out the recipe below.

Vegan Spinach Dip Rolls

v 003a


1 container vegan cream cheese

.25-.5 cup vegan sour cream

1/2 ts onion powder

1/4 ts garlic powder

2 handfuls of chopped spinach

1 container crescent rolls

.25 cup Italian bread crumbs (optional)


v 003c



Either hand whisk or use a food processor to combine 1 container vegan cream cheese, .25-.5 cup vegan sour cream, 1/2 ts onion powder, 1/4 ts garlic powder. The less sour cream you use the less messy it may be. Chunky or smoothie is fine with the mixture.

v 003d

Mix in 2 handfuls of chopped spinach. Mix well.

Unroll dough from the package. Divide the filling into 4 parts. Put half of each part inside of the dough. Roll the dough over the filling as shown in the video below.

v 003e

Roll the prepared dough in bread crumbs for added texture. (optional)

Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes. ENJOY


Watch the full video below.