4 Easy Vegan Hacks That Every Vegan Should Know [VIDEO]

Good and super healthy vegan food for lazy days.

I can not believe I just saw this video recently. Over the last month I have been looking and looking for really quick vegan hacks to make it easier for me to prepare my meals. This is in line with all the holiday rush last month and the unexpected appointments I had with relatives and friends.

With all those things happening, it had been such a challenge for me to prepare a meal for myself and my family before leaving for the appointments that were set. Well, this month it is still the same story as there are tons of school PTA meetings to attend to and family stuff I had to deal with outside of the home. So this video is just a life saver. And I am sure it will be for you too if you are such a busy person.

It give you 4 delicious and very healthy dishes that you can quickly make and I love how the variations work with it. I have shared the recipes below as well to make them much easier for you to start trying them.

Check them out below.

Peanut Ramen Recipe

v 002a


1 package of vegan instant noodles (check the back – many instant noodles/ramen are vegan by default)

1 heaping spoonful of peanut butter

Juice of half a lemon


Around 1 tbsp of water to help mix


Cook the ramen noodles without adding the seasoning packet.

Drain the water and add noodles into a big bowl.

Add peanut butter, lemon juice and Sriracha sauce and mix well (adding a little water if necessary to help mix).



Three-Ingredient Burger Recipe

v 002b


1 can kidney beans (or any beans of choice)

1 cup oat flour (or ground-up oats)

1 cup store-bought pasta sauce


Mash the beans with a fork or use a food processor/chopper.

Add mashed beans, oat flour and pasta sauce into a big mixing bowl and mix until well-combined.

Heat a little oil on a non-stick pan and cook patties for 3-5 minutes on each side on medium-high heat.



Banana Oat Cookies Recipe

v 002c


2 ripe bananas, mashed

2 cups oats

1/2 cup vegan chocolate chips (optional)


Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees F.

Mash bananas in a big bowl.

Add oats and mix together until well-combined.

Mix in chocolate chips or other add-ins.

Spoon onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and flatten with a wet fork into cookie shapes.

Bake for 10 minutes.



2-ingredient Cake/Cupcakes

v 002d


Box of cake mix (many are vegan by accident, so just look at the ingredients list!)

1 can of soda pop


Mix the entire box of cake mix with a can of soda pop until well-combined.

Bake as a cake or as cupcakes – follow the instructions on the cake mix box.


Watch the full video below