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Is Tofu vegan?

A :

Considering that vegans avoid consuming any and all animal-derived products, then yes, tofu is indeed vegan. In fact, the reason why you see the word tofu associated with the word vegan so much is because it is one of the most popular vegan proteins available today, and is the main ingredient in many popular vegan dishes.

Is Tofu vegan?

Further information

What is tofu? 

Now that you know that tofu is indeed vegan, it helps to know what it is in the first place.

Tofu, or bean curd as it’s less-commonly called, is a soft white block of curd. The curd is made by curdling soy milk and then pressing the curds into the soft white blocks you see sold in stores. 

While tofu is vegan, it is actually made in a very similar way to cheese made from milk. Tofu stems from soy milk, which is then infused with a coagulating agent that turns the milk into curd.

There are several types of tofu, which include soft tofu, firm tofu, fresh tofu, processed tofu, dried tofu, frozen tofu, fermented tofu, and unfermented tofu. 

Is tofu healthy? 

Aside from its versatility in the kitchen, tofu is very impressive in that it has a great nutrient profile.

Each serving of tofu is low in fat and calories, low in carbs, and very high in protein, amino acids, calcium, and iron. 


One of the biggest concerns for people on a vegan diet is whether or not they can consume enough protein, especially complete protein (which is a protein that provides all 8 essential amino acids).

The great thing about tofu and a reason why it is such a popular food in the vegan realm is that it is one of the few vegan foods that provide a complete protein.

By adding at least 50 grams of tofu to your daily diet, you’ll be meeting the necessary daily intake of amino acids. 

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, tofu has also been given a bad reputation, mostly because it is processed rather than organic.

However, it still stands (and studies have shown) that tofu is a great addition to any vegan diet that, when eaten in moderation, can provide you with much-needed complete protein and fiber, calcium, and iron.