Lucent (2014): A Full Documentary On Australia’s Pig Farming Industry [VIDEO]

Discover the dark side of the pig farming industry Australia is not showing anyone.

This is one of the saddest documentaries I have ever watched. It is very heart-breaking but these are one of those documentaries that I just had to watch and share as to know what is going on around us.

Even before I was completely vegan, I have always loved pigs. I find them so adorable, as how I see our pet dogs and cats at home. Though I have never really imagined having pigs as pets, I thought that they are one of the cutest things on earth. And probably this was one of the many reasons I had for giving up meat in my life.

And when I saw this documentary, it gave me more reasons and more meaning in leading a vegan lifestyle. I would admit that I actually cried after watching this and even my children were heart-broken. Why do we need to do this to these gentle creatures? The cruelty is completely unbearable. But I guess this is a very good reminder why we are vegans. It’s not just to stay healthy but to allow other creatures to live and enjoy life.

Watch the documentary below.

Lucent (2014)